Small Ads |General and Targeted Ads

Ads with updated brand design for varied audiences: health and niche up-sell for musical instrument interest group, general value-based branding for high end group, and service-based branding for bilingual audience.  

Promotional Coupon | Jewelry Appraisal Promotion

To upsell Inland Marine Policies, this coupon was created as part of a partnership with local jewelers to offer a reduced price on appraisals. Created by Laura Thomas for Broome Associates.

Digital Postcard | Christmas Card

  To deliver a warm message to clients over the holidays, this digital postcard was created through InDesign. Created by Laura Thomas for Broome Associates.

Video Teaser | What is “Good Vibes”?

This video introduces the “Good Vibes” program at Broome Associates. Audio recording, video and audio editing, and production by Laura Thomas for Broome Associates.    

Small Ad | 2×4 Artwork

A continuation of branding found on the website, billboard, and marketing materials, this advertisement was designed for a 2×4 spot on a fire safety magnet board, to be distributed throughout schools and the community for Fire Safety Awareness month. Created by Laura Thomas for Broome Associates.

Social Media Graphic | Adding Valuables

To encourage clients to contact their account manager to include valuables in their insurance policies, this quick graphic was created using Publisher and uploaded to the Broome Associates Facebook page as a post. Created by Laura Thomas for Broome Associates.

Email Marketing | Bimonthly Newsletter

With a list of over 1,000 subscribers, all email marketing for this agency is branded towards its vision of being relational. This bi-monthly newsletter was created by designing a fresh, new template that includes a letter from the president, upcoming events, new and relevant blogs, a highlighted staff member, and other updates. Text and graphics…

Blog Editorship | Broome Associates Blog

A blog was established on the Broome Associates website to add value to the agency and become more interactive with clients, friends, and the community. The blog posts are added rotationally based on type of insurance to inform and educate the audience regarding relevant issues. All blogs on the Broome Associates website through this date…