Email Marketing | Bimonthly Newsletter

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With a list of over 1,000 subscribers, all email marketing for this agency is branded towards its vision of being relational. This bi-monthly newsletter was created by designing a fresh, new template that includes a letter from the president, upcoming events, new and relevant blogs, a highlighted staff member, and other updates. Text and graphics contain links back to the website and social media pages including a website calendar and share features.

Created by Laura Thomas for Broome Associates.

Blog Editorship | Broome Associates Blog

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A blog was established on the Broome Associates website to add value to the agency and become more interactive with clients, friends, and the community. The blog posts are added rotationally based on type of insurance to inform and educate the audience regarding relevant issues.

All blogs on the Broome Associates website through this date have been coordinated, edited, and published by Laura Thomas for Broome Associates.